SOUR PATCH KIDS JUSTICE: A campaign to get more Facebook followers by attacking customers and suing the brand. 

For years, the Sour Patch Kids' campaign has shown the little candies hurting someone ("first their sour") then doing some token gesture of good will ("then they're sweet").  But in today's litigious world, we thought it was more realistic that somebody would try and sue. 

It was a Facebook campaign that featured the greatest/weirdest lawyer giving legal rebuttals to fan-submitted evidence in a class-action lawsuit against the Sour Patch Kids. 

We opened with our own video asking people to upload their case to our page. A :30 and :15 second version of this video also ran on TV. 

We started by cooking a few cases of our own. Just to set the mood. 

yg2Ltaq - Imgur.gif

These are some of my favorite rebuttals that we created in response to the evidence people sent in. 

This is the final, closing video for the campaign. I'll miss that guy. Especially since he taught me how to make balloon animals. 

Copywriter: Thomas Kemmeny
Art Director: April Lauderdale, Matias Menendez
Creative Directors: Rob Baird, Allon Tatarka, Paul Malmstrom