OCULTO TEQUILA BEER: A complete brand launch of a mischievous product, including brand positioning, experiential, TV and OOH.



What if we launched a beer brand the wrong way? What if we didn't do a SuperBowl spot or have Jay-Z play the launch event? What if our commercials didn't have bro jokes and our print didn't show women in bikinis toasting? What if we were the bad guy instead of the hero?  


For the launch we created "Oculto Manor," a place where you get lost in all of the greatest nights out, all under one roof.

The manor was built from scratch in an empty warehouse in Miami's Wynwood neighborhood. Everything in the space from the mischievous characters to the hidden pockets encouraged bad behavior. 

"That time the bride never showed up so some strangers got hitched instead..."

- 4 characters: a magician, a bridesmaid, a DJ, an officiator

- Wedding photographer to remember your night

- Confession booth for creating new sins to confess

"That time the house party went a bit off the rails..." 

- 4 characters including a troublemaking roommate and guests arriving from other rooms of the Manor

- Walk-through fridge to the outer courtyard

- Jumpcam on bed for creating amazing GIFs

"That time we went swimming in our clothes at midnight..." 

- 3 characters including an off-duty lifeguard, a pool patron and a swim instructor

- A pool filled with glowing balls to jump in

- A secret tunnel through the bottom of the pool

"That time even the police couldn't stop the party..." 

- 3 characters: a good cop, a great cop, and the mayor's daughter

- Mugshot photo booth with rap sheets

- Interrogations from the officers

"That time the maids trashed the hotel room..." 

- 3 characters: a pair of bad maids and a bellboy playing rock star

- Dance party on the bed and feathers everywhere

- A hotel safe you can open if you answer the phone


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.44.54 AM.png


This TV spot took a departure from your typical beer advertising with a moody piece of film directed by badass director Melina Matsoukas, paired with  the smooth, soulful swagger of Sam Cooke. 

Copywriter: Thomas Kemmeny
Art Director: Josh Engmann
Creative Director: Piers North