GOT MILK? COOKIE-SCENTED BUS SHELTERS: A PR move to get people talking about milk using nothing but a logo and a scent. 

We thought it'd be interesting to make bus shelters smell like chocolate chip cookies and then simply have a "got milk?" logo with it. Using scent as the message instead of just a smell. 

Coverage included: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NPR, New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, Creativity, AdAge, ABC, NBC, FOX, WGN, CNN,  MSNBC, CBS Morning Show and Over 400 publications across Asia, Europe, South America, Australia. 

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Over $59 million in earned media coverage. All from a budget under $50k. 

Copywriter: Thomas Kemmeny
Art Director: Byron DelRosario
Creative Director: Jeff Goodby