ONE MILLION SQUARE FEET OF CULTURE (1MSQFT): A program encompassing a year and a half of art, dance, music, exhibits, experiences, parties and partnerships for Microsoft.

For Microsoft to reconnect with the creative class, we needed to do a hard reset on what people expected from them. We built a sub-brand from scratch, with the sole purpose of impressing and delighting this community. One Million Square Feet of Culture (or 1MSQFT for short) laid its first square foot.

1MSQFT had the ambitious goal of curating, creating and then sharing one million square feet of new art, music, dance and food culture with the world. To ensure the new works were original and incredible, we partnered with a range of experts to curate what was made.


Pop-up 1MSQFT galleries shared new creations at events around the country from Art Basel to Sundance to Fashion Week. Each event was recapped in an ongoing content series summarized as a “Survey of Culture by Windows.”

“The crowd — which was a healthy mix of artists, musicians, bloggers, tastemakers and fashion moguls — was speckled with the industry’s upper echelon...Beyonce [was] spotted somewhere in between the stage and the open bar.”



Copywriter: Thomas Kemeny
Art Director: Josh Engmann
Designers: Mark Aver, Jason Miller, Mother Design
Creative Director: Tom Webster